Human Factors Analysis and Classification System 

Looking beyond active failures for a comprehensive approach to problem solving  


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How do we minimize human error?

Error is a natural product of the operational systems we design and operate. Our comprehensive approach to problem solving shifts the focus away from blaming individuals and examines the organizational environment in order to recognize, minimize and disrupt error and its pathway to failure.


The integration of Human Factors Analysis into the Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology allows a deeper understanding of human influences and causality in problem solving.


When systemic or organizational weaknesses are uncovered, we are able to recognize and correct sources of error before a major accident or failure.


  Leveraging the knowledge that emerges from a Human Factors program allows organizations to adapt and take measures to mitigate human error in the future. 

Human Factors Analysis Fits Into the

Apollo Root Cause Analysis Methodology 

The Apollo Root Cause Analysis methodology seeks to produce an evidence based understanding of problems to ensure solutions address proven causes and 

prevents recurrence.  It simplifies problem solving and equips individuals with the skills to solve real world problems faster, more efficiently and effectively at any time.


HFACS builds upon this methodology looking beyond  active failures to expose the hidden, subtle, latent precursors to human failures. 

These human causes are then systematically classified to enable the user to build effective solutions focused to acheive the best results and to effectively trend performance over time.



A Comprehensive Solution for Solving Problems

Our cross-functional strategy delivers results

Public Training Courses - Human Factors and Root Cause Analysis (RCA304)

HFACS Software Plug-In Integrates with RealityCharting®

Human Factors Program Development and Implementation Services

On-site Facilitated Investigation Workshops 

Support for Investigators with On-site Proficiency Check and Mentoring




ARMS Reliability and the Vetergy Group have teamed up to provide our clients with a depth of knowledge and unparalleled level of

service that comes from 60 years of combined experience in accident investigation and human factors analysis. 

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HFACS Integrates Seamlessly With RealityCharting® Software



Software Solutions to Drive Excellence

The Human Factors classification system integrates with the RealityCharting® software tool. You can choose human factors from a configurable taxonomy to tag causes within a RealityChart.



Data Analysis to Expose Broader Systemic Weaknesses

Use data and analytics to pin-point breakdowns in the systems and processes within your organization that are degrading human reliability.


Inviting Human Error into The Workplace: 

The Mindset Shift to Attaining Reliable Human Performance


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